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Whether you’re on the road in your RV, 4WD, caravan or camper trailer, or you’re on the water in your boat, you count on your batteries to power up your good times.

You’ve got to keep them safe and secure if you want your good times to last!  Baintech Battery Boxes protect your batteries from exposure to the harsh Australian sun, water, salt, dirt and dust while securely holding them in place so they don’t move around. Tough, smart and cost-effective, Baintech Battery Boxes save your batteries from damage, saving you the cost of replacing them before their time.

Constructed of tough, impact resistant polypropylene for maximum protection, Baintech Power Boxes, are premium all-in-one power sources with all the bells and whistles: battery condition indicator, external terminals, an accessory socket, a circuit breaker, a carry handle strap and deck mounting brackets. 


  • Grey anderson plug for running fridges and accessories up to 50 Amps
  • Digital voltmeter to indicate battery charge status
    Built in circuit breaker 50 amp
  • Cigarette socket for running chargers and appliances
  • Dual usb outlet 5 volt 4.2Amp- can charge ipads, phones and devices
  • 2x external wing nut terminals for hooking up a charger or running another dual battery system
  • On/off switch to switch on/off the digital display of the voltmeter and USB outlets


  • External Dimensions (L x W x H) 390mm L x 245mm W x 310mm H
  • Internal Dimensions (L x W x H)325mm L x 195mm W x 200mm H

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