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Big Red Wiring Harness

Is this product for you? BR9085 Wiring Harness has been specifically designed to suit Big Red driving lights and light bars. Unlike some wiring harnesses it is also compatible with both positively and negatively switched vehicles. This quality affordable wiring harness complies with ADR13/00 which requires the lamps to dip with the vehicles high beam lights. The wiring harness is 12V and is supplied with a wire tap, L.E.D rocker switch, DT connectors, a relay, and an 30A ATS fuse and fuse holder all of which is rated to a maximum of 15A for a single light and 12.5A for each lamp of a twin installation. The one piece construction along with the included comprehensive product instructions allows hassle free installation. While the wiring harness has been created to suit Big Red driving lights and light bars it can also be used with other brands of diving light although it may require additional equipment to ensure the connectors match the driving light / light bar that is being installed. While BR9085 is 12V it can be converted to 24V if the switch and relay are changed.


  • Suits Big Red Driving Lights and Light Bars
  • Complies with ADR13/00
  • Compatible with both Positively and Negatively switched vehicles
  • Comprehensive easy to understand instructions
  • Includes 40A Relay, Rocker Switch and 30A Fuse and Fuse holder
  • Rated at 15A for a single light or 12.5A for each lamp of a twin installation