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Hydrastar Brake Actuator Kit

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Hydrastar HBA Series is the leading braking system on the market. For 15 years Hydrastar has been the most popular choice for trailer brake actuators and is still the the best on the market today. From a leader in brake products, USA company Cargo Towing Solutions has innovative brake actuators for different towing applications.

In Australia, if you are towing a trailer weighing more than 2 tonnes, you are required to have a braking system fitted to the trailer. Including a breakaway system to ensure your trailer can stop if it separates from the tow vehicle.

Hydrastar HBA Series comes with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind.  We are authorised for warranty repairs and servicing, so you know if you buy from us, we can help should you need it.  We also stock a range of spare parts.


  • 1000PSI Suits Trailer up to 3 Tonne
  • 1200PSI Suits Trailer up to 3.5 Tonne
  • 1600PSI Suits Trailer over 3.5 Tonne

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