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Display Case Carbon Glass Lid

The Carbon blade gift set features 10 knives ranging from no 2 to no 12 carbon blade knives in total from Opinel.

Gift packaging wooden box contains a complete range of 10 knives OPINEL with Carbon blade length from 3.5 to 12 cm. Knives with blades 7 cm long and feature a patented locking ViroBlock - not only against the closure of the blade, as well as against its opening.

  • The main features of the carbon steel are its exceptional cutting quality and its very easy sharpening.
  • To protect the blade against rust, the blade must be wiped clean of fingerprints and washed and dried after each use.
  • Knives from size 6 upwards have the Virobloc safety system on the collar which locks the blade into position – open or shut.

Carbon steel is due to the higher carbon content extremely hard in order to maintain maximum sharpness for a very long time. On the other hand, carbon steel requires more care than conventional stainless steel to prevent corrosion (blackening of the blade) is required after using the knife wiped dry and occasionally lubricate the blade.

The handle is made of beech wood and is heavily coated for increased durability.

  • Blade: of carbon steel
  • Handle: of varnished beech wood
  • Wooden gift packaging

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