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Forged Tow Bar Receiver 2 inch and 4-inch drop suit 70mm Ball

Forged TowBar Receiver suits 70mm tow ball and the most popular model heavy duty tow bars.

The Couplemate 70mm towbar receiver hitch 2-inch or 4-inch drop forged tow bar is powder coated and corrosion resistant for use on campers, caravans and boat trailers.


  • 50 x 50 mm insert fits all hitch receivers
  • 32mm hole


  • 325mm total length
  • 225mm from centre of a tow ball to centre of the pin
  • 90mm from the centre of pin to the drop.

1 1/4 inch Hole to suit 70mm x 4.5t Tow Balls

Receiver Pin provided. Note: Tow Ball not Included.

What not to do

The image is a well known heavy duty tow ball mount or hitch receiver.

Rated to 3.5t, a welder used an oxy torch to neatly enlarge the hole size to 32mm so a 4.5t tow ball could be fitted.

If you look closely at the piece wedged in the tow ball, you can see how much steel was towing his 4.5t rig.

The customer was as white as a ghost when I spoke with him.

The incident has just happened, He had his $40,000 rig @ 4.5t swaying on his safety chains.

We replaced this broken equipment with “fit for purpose” equipment rated at 4.5t.

Question: Is your 50mm tow hitch pin rated?

Answer: The solution is a high tensile pin.

Compliant to Australian Standards.

Please ensure your tow bar rating plate is attached to your tow bar and your tow bar rating is within your trailer weight before purchasing tow bar receivers.

Forged Tow Bar receivers are Class IV or 4 tonnes depending on the rating of your equipment. If your tow rating is 3.5t, then the rating of your tow bar receiver is 3.5t

Forged TowBar Receiver Bars

Hollow tube tow hitch receiver bars on your tow vehicle can accommodate up to a 4.5-tonne trailer load.

If you want to tow a trailer, you should spend your money on a sturdy and reliable towing mechanism; especially if you’re going to the outback or heading to the shore.

Why Forged Tow Bar Receiver Bars Should Top Your Spares List

Because they experience constant strain, tow balls and receivers are one of the worst affected parts in a caravan trailer. When you’re out on the road, you’ll rarely encounter any sudden shocks. The outback is an entirely different animal, though—this Aussie terrain constantly bombards your tow hitch assembly.

More often than not, it’s parts of the towing mechanism, like tow balls, receivers, and safety chains which break down and stall most trailer-tuggers in the flatlands.

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