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Swivel Hk Safe Catch
Swivel Hk Safe Catch Sale priceFrom $37.23
Sling Hook Eye G80 Type Se
Sling Hook Eye G80 Type Se Sale priceFrom $12.12
Winch Bar 900mm Long
Round Sling
Round Sling Sale priceFrom $6.36
G80 Master Link Type Sd
G80 Master Link Type Sd Sale priceFrom $17.63
Sold out
Anchor Dish Round 275kg 120mm
Flat Sling
Flat Sling Sale priceFrom $6.59
Rubber Strap With S Hook
Rubber Strap With S Hook Sale priceFrom $5.05
Ratchet Tie Down 25mm X 4.5M Lc500kg Hk&Keeper
Rtd 25mm X 4.5M Lc350kg S Hooks
Load Binder Ratchet
Load Binder Ratchet Sale price$55.47
Push Trolley
Push Trolley Sale priceFrom $174.75
Lifting Point Weld On Type Wp
Grabhook Eye G80 Type Ge
Grabhook Eye G80 Type Ge Sale priceFrom $8.81
Grab Hook Clevis G80 Type Gc
Snatch strap Nylon 15Mx40T 4Ply 100MM
G80 Chain Connector CL Type
Sold out
Winch Strap 2.5T X 9M
Dee Safety Grade'S'
Dee Safety Grade'S' Sale priceFrom $7.45
Dee Screw Grade'S'
Dee Screw Grade'S' Sale priceFrom $4.08
Bow Safety Grade'S'
Bow Safety Grade'S' Sale priceFrom $6.88
Bow Screw Grade'S'
Bow Screw Grade'S' Sale priceFrom $4.12
Anchor Plate Square Lc1125kg
Off Road Block 8Tc/W Vinyl Bag

Explore the Wide Range of Austlift Products for All Your Lifting and Rigging Needs

Austlift - A Trusted Australian Brand.

Austlift Australia is a leading provider of high-quality lifting and rigging equipment, with a reputation for excellence and durability. Their product range includes shackles, chain fittings, hoists, ratchets, rated chains, and recovery ropes, among others. Trusted by professionals in various industries, Austlift products are designed to meet or exceed relevant Australian and international standards.

Shackles: Strong and Reliable Connections

Austlift offers a comprehensive selection of shackles, designed to provide strong and reliable connections for lifting and rigging applications. Available in various sizes and types, including bow, D, and safety pin shackles, these products are made from high-grade materials for maximum strength and corrosion resistance.

Chain Fittings: Versatile and Secure

For versatile and secure connections, Austlift's chain fittings are an excellent choice. These fittings, including connecting links, hooks, and swivels, are designed to be compatible with the company's range of rated chains. Made from high-quality materials, they ensure safe and efficient operations in various industries.

Hoists: Heavy Lifting Made Easy

Austlift's hoists are engineered to handle heavy loads with ease. Available in both manual and electric options, their hoists deliver exceptional performance and durability. With various capacities and configurations, you'll find the perfect hoist for your specific lifting requirements.

Ratchets: Tensioning and Securing Loads

When it comes to tensioning and securing loads, Austlift's ratchet tie-downs and load binders are the ideal solution. These high-quality products are designed for easy operation and reliable performance, ensuring that your loads remain safe and secure during transport.

Rated Chains: Robust and Dependable

Austlift's rated chains are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. Made from alloy steel, these chains are available in various grades and sizes, providing robust and dependable solutions for lifting, lashing, and towing applications.

Recovery Ropes: Essential for Off-Road Adventures

For off-road enthusiasts, Austlift's recovery ropes are an essential piece of equipment. Designed for heavy-duty vehicle recovery, these ropes are made from high-strength materials that provide excellent elasticity and durability, ensuring that you can tackle even the most challenging off-road situations with confidence.

Austlift Products at Trek Hardware

At Trek Hardware, we're proud to offer an extensive range of Austlift products to cater to your lifting and rigging needs. With a focus on quality, durability, and safety, Austlift Australia continues to set the standard for excellence in the industry. Explore our collection today and experience the difference for yourself.