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Heavy Duty Drawer Slides - Ideal for Use in Camper Trailers, Caravans, and More!

Drawer slides are devices that allow for the horizontal movement of an attached drawer. By securing a drawer to a pair of slides, the drawer can be made to slide in and out of a piece of equipment. You could slide in and out the drawer without slides but installing slides makes the opening and closing process very smooth.

Types of drawer slides:

There are a few different types of drawer slides sold in the market, including:

- Ball bearing drawer slides

- Friction drawer slides

- Lever disconnect drawer slides

- Soft close drawer slides

Heavy duty drawer slides:

heavy duty drawer slides are especially reliable and hard-wearing. They are usually made from steel or aluminum which gives them the strength and durability needed to stand up to heavy use. Some features include:

- Full extension

- Side mount

- Soft close

- Heavy duty construction

- Increased durability and strength

- Ability to hold heavy loads

- Smooth operation

Some common uses of heavy duty drawer slides

There are many different uses for such slides, some of which include:

- Camper trailers

- Caravans

- Vehicle custom drawers

- Canopies

- Workbenches

- Tool chests

Some frequently asked questions about heavy duty drawer slides

How much weight can they hold?

This will depend on the specific slides you're using, but they're generally able to hold a lot of weight. This makes them ideal for use in equipment that will see a lot of heavy use.

How do you determine the length of the slides you need?

The length of slides you need will depend on the size of the equipment they'll be installed in. It's important to measure the space carefully before purchasing to ensure you get the right size.

How much do they weigh?

Again, this will depend on the specific slides you're using. However, they are generally quite lightweight, making them easy to install.

What are locking drawer slides?

A locking drawer slide is a type of slide that is designed to lock the drawer in place, preventing it from sliding out inadvertently. The locking mechanism is usually a simple latch that is engaged when the drawer is fully closed. This prevents the drawer from being opened unless the latch is manually disengaged.


Is it easy to install drawer slides?

heavy duty slides are usually quite easy to install. However, it's always a good idea to follow the instructions that come with your particular slides. This will ensure that they're installed correctly and safely. You could follow our easy step-by-step instructions to install your slides:

Tools needed for a drawer slide install:

Installing slides is a relatively simple task that can be accomplished with just a few basic tools. You will need:

- A drill

- A screwdriver

- Measuring tape

- Level

- Pencil or marker

- Saw (if you're cutting the slides to size)

Installation process:

1. Measure the space where the slides will be installed and cut the slides to size if necessary.

2. Drill holes for the screws that will secure the slides in place. Be sure to use the proper size drill bit for your chosen screws.

3. Secure the slides in place using the screws.

4. Place the drawer on the slides and test to make sure it moves smoothly. Adjust as necessary.

5. Enjoy your new slides!

Drawer Slides by Trek Hardware:

If you're looking for heavy duty drawer runners that are strong, reliable, and able to hold a heavy load, then look no further than slides by Trek Hardware. All our drawer slides are made of the finest steel. These quality drawer slides are manufactured by Jagsingh which is well known for its premium trailer and caravan parts. These slides are perfect for use in a variety of applications, and they're sure to provide you with years of trouble-free operation. Our drawer slides feature non-locking and locking slides with load capacities of up to 227 kg.