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redarc DCDC charger
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redarc DCDC charger
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redarc DCDC charger
Ctek D250Sa 20A DCDC Battery Charger

Boost Your Battery Life with DCDC Chargers

Why DCDC Charger is the game changer?

A DCDC charger is a revolutionary way to make sure that your accessory or deep cycle battery receives the maximum charge with the right charge profile. The best DCDC chargers in the market take power from your alternator while driving and from a solar panel whilst the engine isn't running.

More often than not your DCDC charger can receive more charge by the alternator compared to the solar system unless you have a powerful solar setup.

If you are planning on charging a lithium battery, DCDC charger is the only way to go as a conventional fused cable system is unable to provide the particular charge needed by a lithium battery.

Due to the increasing demand for fuel-efficient cars, there has been a huge shift in the automotive industry towards engineering and designing vehicles with minimum possible fuel consumption. Hence a lot of new vehicles are fitted with "smart" alternators which are either load sensitive or low output (generally < 13.7-13.8 Volts). While these smart alternators are suitable to charge factory batteries, their output isn't sufficient to charge a second auxiliary battery. A DCDC charger is smart enough to deal with the smart alternator in your new cars.

what's the secret technology under the hood?

It uses the available output from the alternator and converts it to a higher rate of amp. It matches the output charge to the input charge of your backup battery.

The rating of some powerful DCDC chargers can be up to 50amp for instance Redarc BCDC1250D. This ensures a quick charge of your backup battery.

Best DCDC chargers like Redarc BCDC1225D uses 3 stage process while it's charging the battery:

BOOST - delivers a maximum voltage initial charge

ABSORPTION - maintains a continuous charge until the current requirement of your backup battery is less than 4 amps.

FLOAT - Maintains the battery fully charged at around 13.3 volts

DCDC charger is a must-have if:

  • you own a modern vehicle with a smart alternator
  • you prefer faster charging of your auxiliary battery
  • you have a vehicle with a congested engine bay and need the freedom to have the charger wherever needed.

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