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Jockey Wheel 6" Swing Up
Jockey Wheel 6" Swing Up Heavy Duty
Jockey Wheel 8" Swing Up
Jockey Wheel 8" with Clamp
Jockey Wheel 10" Swing Up
6" Double Wheel Dolly
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AL-KO Premium 200mm dia c/w large locking pin swivel bracket
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AL-KO Premium 250mm dia Power Mover with clamp
Jockey Wheel 8" Electric Mini Mover
Fulton Jockey Wheel - 1600LB
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Fulton Swivel Jockey Wheel - 12 Inch
Knott Swing up jockey wheel heavy duty TK57-210/75M
Knott Swing up Jockey wheel TK57-210/50M
Drop Stablizer Legs (Pair)
Drop Stablizer Legs (Pair) Sale priceFrom $126.50
AL-KO Drop Down Corner Steady c/w Big Foot ( Single Pack )
Round Jack Side Handle 5000lbs
Round Jack Top Handle 2000lbs
Round Jack Top Handle 5000lbs
Square Jack 7000lbs Extendable
Square Jack 8000lbs Extendable
Square Jacks 2000 - 7000 Lbs
Square Jack 12000lbs Heavy Duty
Caravan Electric Jack 4000lbs
Jockey Wheel Clamp
Jockey Wheel Clamp Sale price$12.10

What are jockey wheels?

Jockey wheels are an essential component of towing systems. "Trailer Jockeys," as they're called, serve two main purposes: lifting up the hitch end for unhitched use; keeping things level by raising both halves at once after connecting via ball mount connection point on either side.

They are attached to the front or rear of a boat trailer, caravan, or horsebox. Some have solid a wheel while some could have a pneumatic wheel. They are used to help maneuver the trailer to and from the tow ball of towing vehicle or just move it around in general when it's not being towed.

If one is looking to use them with larger caravans, trailers, or boats then it could be a good option to look into heavy-duty jockey wheels which are sturdier than regular jockey wheels and can take more weight. They are also more durable and long-lasting, so you won't have to replace them as often. There are two main types of jockey wheels:

Swivel jockey wheels

These have a wheel that can rotate 360 degrees, making them very easy to maneuver.

Fixed jockey wheels

These have a wheel that is fixed in place and does not swivel. This makes them more difficult to maneuver but they are better for long-distance towing as they provide more stability.

How to choose the right jockey wheel?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a jockey wheel:

1. The weight of your camper trailer, caravan, or horsebox – you will need a jockey wheel that can support the weight of your vehicle.

2. The type of terrain you will be using it on – if you will be using it on rough terrain, then a swivel jockey wheel is a better choice as it will be easier to maneuver.

3. The size of your vehicle – if you have a large vehicle, then you will need a bigger jockey wheel to help support the weight.

4. Your budget – there is a wide range of prices for jockey wheels, so you will need to decide how much you are willing to spend.

5 tips for using jockey wheels

1. Make sure it is properly secured before using it.

2. Always use it when parking or storing your vehicle – this will help prevent damage to the tires and make it easier to move your vehicle around.

3. Be careful when using a swivel jockey wheel on rough terrain – the wheels can get caught on rocks or roots and cause it to tip over.

4. If you are using a fixed jockey wheel, make sure it is pointing in the direction you want to go before starting to move your vehicle.

5. Always lower the jockey wheel before driving off – if you forget, it can get caught on the ground and cause damage to your vehicle.

Some commonly asked questions about trailer jockey wheels?

How much weight can a jockey wheel take?

The weight it can take depends on the type of jockey wheel. Swivel jockey wheels can usually take up to 250kg, while fixed jockey wheels can take up to 500kg.

How do I know if my jockey wheel is big enough?

You should always check the weight capacity of your jockey wheel before using it. This information is usually printed on the side of the wheel.

Do Motorised jockey wheels work on grass?

Some motorised jockey wheels have a feature that allows them to be used on grass, however, it is always best to check the manufacturer's instructions before using the wheel on any type of terrain.

Can I use my jockey wheel on sand?

It is not recommended to use a jockey wheel on the sand as the wheels can sink into the sand and cause the jockey wheel to tip over.

Can I use my jockey wheel on gravel?

You can use it on gravel, but you need to be careful as the wheels can sink into the gravel and cause the jockey wheel to tip over.

Can I use my jockey wheel on concrete?

You can use it on concrete, but you need to be careful as the wheels can damage the surface of the concrete.

What is the best way to store a jockey wheel?

The best way to store it is by taking it off of the caravan and storing it in a dry, protected area. This will help to prolong the life of the wheel.

How often should I check my jockey wheel?

You should check it before each use to make sure that it is properly secured and in good working condition.

How do I know if my jockey wheel is flat?

If it is flat, you will notice that it is harder to move the caravan. You may also see that the wheel is sitting lower to the ground than it should be.

What do I do if my jockey wheel is flat?

If it is flat, you will need to inflate it. You can do this by using an air compressor or by taking it to a service station and having them fill it up for you.

Jockey wheels at Trek Hardware:

Trek Hardware stocks jockey wheels in all shapes and sizes. Our stock includes some of the most famous manufacturers like Jagsingh, Fulton, AL-KO, Hayman Reese, and Dunbier. We have a range of electric and regular ones that starts at 6 inches for lighter loads up to 12", with static load capacities ranging from 350 kg right through 725 kg with options made out of rubber or solid wheel, double wheel.

Buy online today or visit one of our retail stores to speak to one of our friendly team members to help you choose the right jockey wheel.