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Gelmax Premium Gel Knee Pad
White Knight Nylon glove nitrile foam coated
Western Red Kevlar welders glove
Texas Smoke Safety Glasses retail packed
SantaFe Safety Glasses
SantaFe Safety Glasses Sale priceFrom $9.55
Rockman Forestry Kit with Mesh Visor and Muffs Complete
Red Knight latex Gripmaster glove
Maxisafe Yellow and black barricade tape
Maxisafe Red and white barricade tape
Maxisafe P2 respirator box of 10
Maxisafe P2 respirator with a valve card of 3
Maxisafe Brow Guard and Shade 5 Visor COMPLETE Retail packaged
Maxisafe 450mm Traffic Cones
MAXIPLUG Tapered earplug uncorded - trade pack of 100 Pairs
MAXIPLUG Tapered earplug class 5 uncorded box 200 pairs
MAXIPLUG Tapered earplug class 5 corded box 100 pairs
MAXIPLUG Uncorded Earplugs - blister of 5 pairs
MAXIPLUG Corded Earplugs - blister of 5 pairs
Maxipak RS01 TPE Half Mask Respirator Kit
Maxi-Goggles - Clear Anti-fog Foam Bound Lens
Maxi Muff Class 5 28dB Earmuff
Leftwing Welders glove
Koolguard White laminated disposable coveralls
Grey Knight Nylon glove grey PU coated

Maxisafe - Your Trusted Partner in Safety

At Trek Hardware, we are proud to present our comprehensive collection of Maxisafe products, one of the leading names in safety equipment. Designed with the highest safety standards in mind, our Maxisafe collection provides reliable protection for a wide range of work environments.

Keep your hands secure and comfortable with our variety of Maxisafe Gloves, designed for superior grip and durability. Our Maxisafe Kneepads offer ample cushioning and support for long periods of kneeling work. For hearing protection, our range of Maxisafe Earmuffs offers excellent noise reduction, while our Maxisafe Glasses provide top-tier eye protection against hazards.

We also have Maxisafe Overalls that are resistant to various workplace hazards, ensuring your safety in diverse work conditions. If you work in environments that require respiratory protection, our Maxisafe Respirator Kits provide an efficient solution.

With Maxisafe, you're not just buying safety gear; you're investing in peace of mind. Each product delivers top-of-the-line protection and durability to handle any challenging work environment. Stay safe and protected with Maxisafe - your trusted partner in safety equipment.

Get your Maxisafe safety gear from Trek Hardware today, because when it comes to safety, we believe only the best will do!