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4Wd Nissan Patrol Gq Gu Rear Coil Tower Strengthening Brackets Weld In Design Pair

GQ & GU Nissan Patrols are known to have issues with their rear coil towers. When the vehicles are used extensively off road, this issue is emphasised. In vehicles that are heavily laden, it is common for the rear coil tower brackets to crack, and possibly even tear away from the chassis rail. This results in a number of severe implications including... Vehicle leaning to one side, torn chassis rail, possible cracks in chassis rail, ruptured brake lines (resulting in brake failure) plus diminished handling capabilities. Roadsafe 4WD have designed this SB003 six piece kit (3 pieces per side) to be welded into place, inside the existing tower, to reinforce the factory coil tower to assist in both avoiding initial failure or fixing failures that are evident. In some instances where a repair is required due to cracked/broken coil tower, and the existing damage requires fixing, it is easier to affect the repair by installing the SB003 kit simultaneously. Approx. Install time on basic install allow between 3-4 hours (some trimming of the kit plates will be required - to ensure plates fit tight to existing coil tower)

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