Complete Drum Braked Axle With Drum and Brake Setup
Axle Comes Complete with 2 Hub Disc, 2 x Calipers, Bearings Greased,
Hydraulic Axles come with Brake line installed on the axle


  • 1000KG/ LM Suited to 40mm Axle
  • 1400kg/SL Suited to 45mm Axle
  • 1600kg/Para Suited to 50mm Axle Parallel
  • 2000kg Suited to 50mm 2T Axle


  • Hydrualic And Mechanical Axles at 1000kg and 1400kg Completed with 10" Hub Disc
  • Hydrualic And Mechanical Axles at 1600kg and 2000kg Completed with 12" Hub Disc
  • 10" Hub Disc Available in: Ford, Holden
  • 12" Hub Disc Available in: Landcruiser 6 Stud & 5 Stud

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