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Electric Brake - Off Road - 10" x 2¼" Right Hand, With Park Brake Provision

AL-KO Off Road Electric Brakes have been specifically designed to prolong the life of brake componentry in extreme rugged conditions.
For this reason, if rough roads and corrugations will be encountered, we always recommend fitting the AL-KO Off Road version of electric brakes to your caravan, camper or trailer.

Electric drum brakes are an extremely efficient and reliable braking system that require minimum maintenance. They provide smooth efficient braking when operated by a vehicle mounted electric brake controller, which also provides the ability for the driver to manually apply the trailer brakes independent of the tow vehicle braking system.

Electric brakes are available in left and right hand side configurations as well as with and without park brake provisions.

Electric brakes, when used on trailers over 2000kg gross trailer mass (GTM) can be activated in a break away situation using a brake away kit such as the Brake Safe (AL-KO Part Number 333080). 

At the time of writing, this configuration conform with the Australian Design Rule requirements.

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