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Friction Sway Control Standard

Trailer sway is one of the most common concerns for those who tow. Trailer sway can be influenced by poor weight distribution, tyre pressure, towing speed and suspension. But most commonly it is caused by strong winds and wind buffets from large vehicles such as trucks.

Complete sway control can be obtained by fitting a Hayman Reese Friction sway controller. Hayman Reese sway controllers are designed to be used in conjunction with a weight distributing systems and prevent trailer sway by restricting and damping the movement between the tow hitch and the trailer.

Sway controllers are not suitable for use with trailers fitted with older surge or override trailer braking systems

The Friction Sway controller manages sway by using friction material, (similar to what is used in modern disk brake pad) and a sliding bar with an adjustable lever to regulate the movement of the trailer.

All current Weight Distribution System heads come with a mounting tab to enable use of this sway controlling device. For all older Weight Distribution Systems a melting tab is required to be welded to the head. This can be done by your Hayman Reese distributor.

To allow for easy reversing, Hayman Reese suggests that the Friction Sway Controller is removed and thus us a quick and easy task.

A Friction Sway Controller can be used with Weight Distribution Systems 550lb, 600lb, 750lb & 800lb models, and are perfect for trailers up to a 200kg ball weight.

Click here to download fitting instructions for the Friction Sway Controller

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