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¾" Hydraulic Conversion Kit (Boxed)

The 3/4” hydraulic conversion kit is designed to convert the energy transfered in to an override coupling through deceleration when you apply your brakes, to pressure in your hydraulic master cylinder resulting in a hydraulic brake activation.

The coversion body is fitted with a hand brake lever to facilitate the mannual activation of the trailer brakes when the trailer is disconnected from the tow vehicle.

The 3/4” hydraulic brake master cylinder has a cast body. The master cylinder is fitted with rubber seals and a red plastic fill cap to ensure optimum performance over the life of the product. The attched master cylinder is available as a spare part (AL-KO Part Number 313002).

Should you loose or damage the red plastic cap fitted to your master cylinder, this is also available as a spare (AL-KO Part Number 313006).


  • 1 x 3/4” Hydraulic Brake Master Cylinder
  • 1 x Hydraulic Conversion Body W/ Hand Brake Lever

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