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ML6 Lantern / Rechargeable

The ML6 rechargeable lantern features state-of-the-art lens technology to ensure optimal light distribution with maximum energy efficiency. Hook, removable stand and magnet providing multiple mounting options and the ML6 can also be used as a power bank to recharge electronic devices such as smart-phones, digital cameras and GPS units. 



  • Camping lantern with state-of-the-art lens technology for glare-free light and high efficiency

  • Three switches for intuitive, easy operation, a built-in battery indicator and lighting that can be dimmed and brightened

  • Power bank with USB connection for recharging electronic devices like smart-phones, GPS etc.

  • Fluorescent elements to make it easier to find in the dark

  • Rubber hook for hanging, integrated magnet for mounting on metal surfaces and removable stand with a built-in metal hook that can be flipped out to provide more light mounting options 



  • Lumens: 750lm (Boost) - 550lm (Power) - 20lm (Low Power)
  • Runtime: 4h (Power) - 70h (Low Power)
  • Weight: 280g (incl. batteries)
  • IP Class: IP54
  • Features: Dimmable, Power bank function, Transportation lock, Red reading light
  • Technology: Smart Light Technology, Micro Prism Technology, Temperature Control System