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The must have for your Porta Potti! Protect your Porta Potti in the Thetford Porta Potti Carry bag for easy storage, transportation and carrying; No use to store your portable toilet in the (less easy to handle and store) original carton box. There are two different models, one PP Carry Bag for biggest PP models (165/365/565) and one PP Carry Bag in which the smallest PP toilets (335/145/345) will fit.

  • Superior quality
  • Practical in use
  • Long durability


  • Durable zipper, sturdy bag material (PVC material)
  • Easy to clean the bag without shrinking (washable max 40 degrees)
  • Interior material has a glaze finish for easy cleaning
  • Makes transportation of your portable toilet or its tank discrete
  • No need to keep the original and less handy carton box
  • The two handles makes it easy to carry the Porta Potti
  • Washable in domestic washing machine (max 40 deg) without shrinking and vague out the colour of bag and zipper

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