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Primtech Stove Set 1.3L

The PrimeTech Stove Set is the ultimate camping stove for performance minded hikers. A gas stove with low fuel consumption and consistent effect, but with full performance. A compact cooking set with integrated burner that makes it very easy to use and transport.

Thanks to the PrimeTech pan’s integrated heat exchanger, together with the effective wind guard and optimised burner, this stove has a fuel consumption of approximately half that of traditional camping stoves. The valve of the gas also has a regulator which gives a steady effect and improves the performance when the gas container is starting to run out at the end of a hike or gets cold in the winter. In addition, the valve has good fine-tuning, making cooking

more precise. The burner is also very quiet in comparison to other gas stoves. The burner is integrated in the windscreen, making set up of the stove extremely easy. During transport, all parts packs up neatly in the pot making it a compact, rattle free unit. The second included pot is made in hard anodised aluminium and has a traditional design without heat exchanger.

The PrimeTech Stove Set consists of:

• Windscreen with integrated burner
• One PrimeTech pot with ceramic non-stick coating
• One regular aluminium pot
• A lid with integrated colander
• A lockable pot gripper
• A piezo igniter
• An insulated storage bag

The PrimeTech Stove Sets are available in two sizes. Stove Set 1.3 L with two 1.3 L pots, suitable for 1-3 people and Stove Set 2.3 L with two 2.3 L pots suitable for 2-5 people. The PrimeTech Stove Sets are compatible with most pots and pans on the market. (Gas is not included)

Height: 105 mm
Diameter: 180 mm
Weight: 903 g
Persons: 1 - 3
Output: 7000 BTU
Igniter: Piezo
Boiling time for 1L: 3.5 min

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