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Sherpa have built on their high performance winch designs to couple a massive electric motor to a completely new air compressor. The Sherpa BIG AIR is an oil free compressor that has been optimised to deliver air up to 90 PSI meaning it can deliver higher volumes at more usable pressures.

Compressor Features:

  • Exceptional Sherpa quality
  • High volume air output
  • Integrated air tank, pressure switch and safety relief valve
  • Convenient 12V power demand (optional 24V)
  • Simple integration into on-board air systems

When reliability and performance is key, only the highest quality components can be used and this is exactly what the BIG AIR encompasses. The electric motor delivers smooth running performance, high torque and cooler operating temperatures, ensuring optimal performance. A fan is integrated into the motor to blow cool air over the unit assisting with the continuous duty performance.

The compressor head itself is different to other 12V compressor on the market and the piston has been over-sized to optimise performance at pressures up to 90 PSI. Many other designs offer no real-world experience and boast 150 PSI and 200 PSI pressure which 99% of the population don’t require. Designing your compressor to reach these exceptionally high pressures means the performance at lower pressures is far from optimised and the sacrifice is lower air flow rates at the pressures you need it.

The Sherpa BIG AIR delivers over 10 CFM (283 LPM) of free air delivery, which basically means nothing, yet is the key advertising point of most brands highlight. What matters is the CFM it can deliver when inflating your tires to 40 PSI (or 80 PSI for trucks) and this is where the BIG AIR really performs. At 40 PSI, users can expect ~8.9 CFM and at 80 PSI this drops to an impressive 5.2 CFM making it one of the fastest 12V or 24V air compressors in the market.


The BIG AIR has a number of features which set it apart from other compressors. Integrated into the package is a air tank which provides the mounting for an air pressure switch and safety relief valve. The integrated pressure switch means the compressor will build pressure before turning itself off at the 80 PSI set point. As air demand increases, the compressor will automatically restart and repeat this cycle, similar to a workshop air compressor. The benefits of this design are truly realised when customers add an external air receiver tank, as no additional wiring or protections are required to make this expansion.

Included with every BIG AIR are 3m power leads with Alligator clips fitted. This makes temporary use and relocation simple. For permanent installations the clips can be removed and terminal lugs fitted.

The compressor comes with a air inlet filter which is easy to access, clean and replace. The filter ensures clean air is drawn into the compressor in dusty and sandy environments. 


This unit is designed for both portable use as well as permanent installation. The design offers flexibility to suit a range of end uses and aims to minimize modifications some applications may otherwise require. A top carry handle and sturdy outer case makes it ideal for touring and mobile applications.

Being a 100% oil free air compressor design, the Sherpa BIG AIR can be mounted in any orientation without risk of damage to the compressor. Whilst the compressor is well designed and sealed, it only carries an IP54 rating making it better suited to sheltered environments when permanently installed.


The BIG AIR is supplied ready for incorporation into your vehicles on-board air system if you choose. Simply connect an airline from the quick air fitting provided to your external air tank. The pressure switch and relief valve included on the BIG AIR will continue to operate and control the air compressor and overall system.

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