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Sherpa Recovery Rope 13,300kg 22mm X 9M

Kinetic ropes are fantastic for snatching vehicles from mud or sand and offer superior performance over commonly used flat snatch straps. Sherpa kinetic ropes are made from high stretch quality double braid nylon ensuring a long life and exceptional performance.

Sherpa Snatch Strap Recovery Rope

When using a recovery rope, the vehicle performing the recovery takes a short run up to generate kinetic energy before the rope goes tight. This kinetic energy is then transferred via the rope in the form of stretch, to the stuck vehicle. A sling shot effect is applied to the stuck vehicle causing it to lunge forward. The operation is similar to stretching a elastic band between your fingers and when performed with the Sherpa kinetic rope is smooth and controlled.

Sherpa kinetic recovery ropes have a guaranteed minimum 30% stretch which means the sling shot effect is much greater then an ordinary flat snatch strap. Having this additional stretch means recoveries are softer on the vehicles with less of a jolt on the equipment and individuals. Once you use a quality kinetic recovery rope you will never want to go back to the flat snatch strap.


  • Minimum 30% stretch via a double braided nylon rope
  • Rope eye protection coatings as standard to increase durability
  • Good resistance to UV, abrasion and chemicals
  • Includes wet dry carry bag
  • Each rope clearly labelled with rating not seen on cheap inferior products

How to select your recovery rope rating:

As a rule of thumb, select a recovery rope rated to at least 3 times your vehicles Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). Your vehicles GVM is often printed on the sticker inside your vehicles door.

As an example, common 4x4 vehicles such as a Nissan Patrol, Toyota Landcruiser will have a GVM of ~3,300kg. Many of the popular dual cab utes like the D-Max, Hilux or Ranger are around the 3,000kg rating. The Sherpa 22mm (7/8") recovery rope achieves a rating of 13,300 kg which suits the majority of users including those towing a van or boat. For people running massive trucks or those who just don't want to mess around, the 38mm (1-1/2") recovery rope has you covered. This rope is so strong it can be used to recover mining equipment and industrial trucks, ideal for military applications.

Note: Nylon ropes can loose up to 10% of their rated strength with continued immersion in water.

Diameter Length Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS)
22mm (7/8") 9m (30ft) 13,300 kg (29,260 lb)
38mm (1-1/2")  9m (30ft) 33,600 kg (73,920 lb)

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