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Sherpa Soft Shackle 11mm X 152mm 14,500kg

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Now 4x4 enthusiasts have a choice when it comes to the type of recovery shackle they use. Steel D-shackles are quickly being replaced with Sherpa's soft synthetic rope shackles. Rope shackles have many advantages over steel shackles and make for an ideal upgrade to any recovery kit.

Sherpa rope shackles are strong as they are made from high quality synthetic rope the same as what is spooled onto Sherpa winches. The 11mm (7/16") soft shackle has a rating of 14,500kg (31,900lb) which is impressive. Note: this is the shackles Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) and actual testing often reveals even higher figures. Users can be confident these shackles will exceed the ratings of an equivalent size D-shackle.

Sherpa Soft Recovery Roper Shackles

Rope shackles are light weight and float in water. They will never rust. This makes soft shackles perfect for use in river crossing situations, it also means there is less mass to act as a projectile if a winch rope was to ever break. A heavy steel shackle can easily punch a hole through a vehicle and do serious injury if allowed to become a projectile. Whilst rope shackles still have some mass, they are much safer and don't store the same level of energy.

Rope shackles are simple to use and fast to set up. Carry them in your glove box or hang them off your belt. The soft shackle will not over tighten and are easy to loosen after a recovery.

Rope shackles can be wrapped around almost any surface or shape. Where a standard steel shackle might have bound, the rope shackle can quickly be manipulated to fit almost any situation.

Sherpa manufacture their soft rope shackles to be strong and also user friendly. Each shackle comes with a high quality protective sleeve ensuring years of use and performance. Each shackle is clearly labelled with its rating unlike inferior imitations.

Specifications Loop Diameter Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS)
11mm (7/16") 152 mm 14,515 kg (31,933 lb)
16mm (5/8") 600 mm 32,400 kg (71,280 lb)