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Trailer Bearing Kit, Japanese, Slimline

Trailer wheel bearings comprise of two parts, the cup which is pressed into the hub and the cone. This is the part that contains the rollers of the caravan wheel bearing. Caravan and Trailer wheel bearings should always be replaced in a set, that is the cup and cone together.

In a bearing combination in a hub, the bearing on the inside of the hub flange (the side closest to the centre of the trailer is called the inner bearing.

The bearing on the outside is called the outer bearing.

Slimline Trailer Bearing Kit - Japanese

SL (Slimline or Ford) bearings are rated for 1500 kg on a 45 mm round or square axle.

Slimline Trailer Bearing Kit Includes:

  • 1 x BEARING CUP L68110, JAP
  • 1 x BEARING CONE L68149, JAP
  • 1 x BEARING CUP LM12710, JAP
  • 1 x BEARING CONE LM12749, JAP
  • 1 x GREASE CAP H26
  • 1 x SEAL - 28600 - SLIMLINE TYPE
  • 1 x SPLIT PIN 4MM x 25MM ZINC

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