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Mppt75/15 Solar Charge

BlueSolar 75 VOC, 15 Amp MPPT solar panel charge controller for 12V and 24V battery systems including Lithium.

Ultra fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
MPPT controllers operate solar panels at their Maximum Power Point. When the solar radiation on a panel or array is continuously changing, ultra fast MPPT controllers will improve energy harvest by up to 30% compared to PWM controllers and by up to 10% compared to slower MPPT controllers.

Programmable Smart Charging
The MPPT 75/15 is a programmable three stage, temperature compensated charger. Charge settings can be changed with a PC/Mac and the VE.Direct to USB adapter or with a compatible smartphone and the VE.Direct to Bluetooth Dongle (both sold separately). Both the PC and smartphone apps are free to download.  

Intelligent Load Control
Over-discharge of the battery can be prevented by connecting all loads to the load output. The load output will disconnect the load when the battery has been discharged to a preset voltage. Alternatively, an intelligent BatteryLife battery management algorithm can be chosen. Some loads (especially inverters) should be connected directly to the battery, and the inverter remote control connected to the load output.

Plug and play
The MPPT 75/15 is pre-programmed with charge voltages suitable for most AGM or gel batteries and will automatically detect the battery voltage.

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