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Weigh Safe Universal 50 mm Ball w/22ml Shank

50mm weigh safe towball scales is approved to meet Australia Standards for tow balls (AS 4177.2 – 2004). Weigh scales continually provide coupling head weight. Ideal for car carriers, horse floats, bobcats or any changing loads. The scales allow you to instantly reconfigure the trailer or caravan weight to add or subtract coupling head weight..

50mm Weigh Safe Towball Features

  • Tow ball weighs scale measures ball weight.
  • Simple replacement for standard Australian tow ball.
  • Understand your towing weight to balance your load.
  • Automatic operation – no need to continually adjust.
  • Helps prevent caravan or trailer sway by giving the driver correct head weight. As a result, the driver is then able to adjust coupling weight for best towing.


  • Tow ball drops directly into an existing towbar 22mm hole
  • ADR Approved – 50mm
  • Stainless Steel Ball and Aircraft Grade
  • Aluminium Housing
  • Built-in weigh scale for trailer ball weight
  • DIY install and calibration
  • ADR Approved
  • Trailer Weight capacity 3500kg
  • Shank diameter 22mm
  • Overall height 127mm

Scale dimensions:

  • 76.2mm long x 50.8mm wide x 57.15mm high
  • Rust & corrosion free

Weigh Safe range of scales includes:

  • Tow Ball Scale
  • 50mm Drop Receiver Scale
  • 100mm Drop Receiver Scale

50mm Weigh Safe Towball

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