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Weight distribution WDH 600LB 30 turn spring bar with cam

Suitable for ball weights between 135 kg and 275 kg, the Hayman Reese 600 lb classic Weight Distribution kit comes with trunnion style spring bars that are ideal for trailers and caravans that have a 4” A-frame, with the coupling mounted on the top, or with a 5” and 6” A-frame, with the coupling mounted on the bottom.

Key Features

  • Hayman Reese’s famous 600lb kit is a 600lb/275kg rated system and is by far the most popular towing aid in Australia 
  • This kit suits trailers that have a ball weight between 135kg and 275kg 
  • Trunnion style weight distributing kit with integrated cams for use with Dual Cam Sway Control 
  • This WDH comes with 30” bars for superior performance 
  • Easy-to-use adjusting washers for head adjustment 
  • Distributes ball weight evenly throughout the vehicle and trailer 
  • Restores natural balance of the tow vehicle 
  • Restores correct suspension and steering geometry

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